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Real Fishing Show – Coasters On lake Superior – Bob Izumi

The New Flyfisher 

Episodes taped in Bowman Island Charters in the Nipigon Straits. Fishing for coaster Brook Trout, Rainbow and Lake Trout as well as large Pike.

Fishin Canada episode 9 – 2 Part series
Fishn Canada Episode 10

 By Shawn Perich

“We are leaving for another world,” remarked Captain Gary Lange as we slid away from the marina dock and headed down the mighty Nipigon River for Lake Superior.

Four of us were aboard the 47-foot trawler, Anica Lee—Lange, his friends Karlo Kaustinen and Chesley Imhoff, and myself. Lange described Karlo as “the only person other than my daughters who can operate my boats.” Imhoff, known as “Ches,” has roamed the island-studded waters of Lake Superior’s Canadian North Shore since the 1950s. This is well before the era of cheap flights and the influx of visitors during the summer months. He knows these waters like the back of his hand. He knows each island that dots the scenery…. Read More >>

Northern Wilds

The journey is peaceful and calm. At the Nipigon Marina we begin our lovely four-hour journey south on the Nipigon River and into Nipigon Bay. We cruise across Nipigon Bay. The grassy bay at the mouth of the Nipigon River was purchased by the Thunder Bay Field Naturalist, where we see Native pictographs that are believed to be hundreds of years old. The pictographs appear on granite cliffs in places where First Nations ancestors would trade and gather centuries ago.
Rod Charles Deputy Editor

Unlock the Mysteries of the Northern Shore

While staying on Bowman Island, Gary Lange offered to take us on a quick tour of some of the other islands in the archipelago, not far from his Lodge. We jumped at the chance to see more of the area, and he did not disappoint!

Gary took us first just around the corner to the other side of Bowman Island, we stepped off the boat onto this incredible shale beach. Read More >>

K & K Adventures

I’m sitting on the back of a 30 ft boat right now, called the Anica Lee, facing in the opposite direction that we are heading. Everyone else is inside the boat, but I escaped to do a little writing by myself. The view in front of me is absolutely breathtaking. There is a wall directly behind me, but for a 180 degree angle from side to side, and all I can see is river and sprawling mountainous landscape. … Read More >>
Seattle's Travels

Charter a Nipigon Adventure

The Anica Lee picked us up at the stunning and peaceful Nipigon marina, and from there it is a 5 hour boat ride to Bowman island, where we were set to spent the night with Gary and Lee Anne from Bowman Lodge.
K & K Adventures

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