Pre History

Ancient beaches far above the present day waterline, pukaskwa pits dug by prehistoric peoples to preserve/cache foods, unique arctic flora – remnants of the last ice age – yours to explore and experience.

Native Canadian History

The Islands of Nipigon bay have long since been stopping places for native Canadian/Americans as they migrated north and south throughout their history. The Islands provided them then as they do today with shelter and safety from inclement weather and seasons.

Pukaskwa Pits
Historic fishing boat long since abandoned

From the turn of the century fishing village long since abandoned to the gravesite of Thomas Lamphier – a lighthouse keeper from Talbot island (one of three keepers to die while keeping the lighthouse at Talbot island).

The Lighthouse of doom

Talbot Island lighthouse – Lake Superiors first Canadian Lighthouse has been the sight of three lighthouse keepers deaths before its closure  and abandonment by the Canadian Government.

Gravestone of Thomas Lamphier
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